Gila Material Pro (GMP)

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Product: Gila Material Pro

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Gila Material Pro (GMP) Best Premium E-commerce Blogger Template

Gila Material Pro (GMP) Best Premium E-commerce Blogger Template is different from many other Blogspot themes. It is developed with the dashboard UI idea. It is created for instructional gist, technology, information, documentary, and such other niches.

Gila Material Pro Template is designed by using the latest generation of code and frameworks. It is compatible with all types of devices and screen sizes. It contains SEO-friendly and Adsense friendly code which can give you benefit in search engine ranking and Adsense program approval in less amount of time.

Gila Material Pro Template Features
You'll get Mag Paper Premium Template file along with demo images, and documentation link for installation of theme.

Mobile Friendly Yes

Responsive Yes

SEO Friendly Yes

AdSense Friendly Yes

Dark Mode Yes

Version 3.1.0

Size 463 KB

Gila Material Pro (GMP)

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